Points Of Interest, Jindrichuv Hradec, Southern Bohemia

Points of Interest

Castle and chateau Jindrichuv Hradec
Castle Cervena Lhota

  • Well-marked tourist hiking and cycling routes in the environs of Strmilov, Javořice (Mich’s Rock, Štamberk – a water-filled former granite quarry near Sumrakov, Tům’s Hill) and Bohemian Canada (Pivničky, Hradisko, Bradlo, Vysoký kámen, Pfaffenschlag).

  • A day trip on a narrow-track railway from Jindřichův Hradec to Nová Bystřice and through Bohemian Canada – the starting point can also be from one its stops in Jindřiš (2 km). The train is historic, including a steam-powered locomotive, reenactment of a train robbery in Lomy, and one of the country’s smallest railroad stations in Kaproun.

  • Fortifications of former Czechoslovakia that defended the country during the period 1935-38, before WWII; most of the former bunkers are still there and open to visitors.


Beginning directly outside the pension is a cycling track which is part of a fast-developing network of cycling facilities in the borderline area between Bohemia and Austria. The most popular routes are in Bohemian Canada, a thinly populated region with virgin nature and attractive resting points, e.g., Rajchéřov, Peršlák, Vojířov, etc.


Lakes and ponds everywhere – former sand quarry in nearby Jindřiš, former sand quarry near Jarošov, and many lakes: Komorník, Hejtman, Ratmírovský, Osika, Horní Žišpašský, Mutina, Chytrov, Zvůle, Jindřichův Hradec - Aquapark, to name a few…


A golf resort named Golf Monachus is located in the vicinity (Bechyně). Other opportunities are in Nová Bystřice (9-hole) or Mnich (18-hole), both approx. 20 km from Rodvínov.


Marked cross-country tracks in the area of Javořice; downhill skiing in Mrákotín and Nová Bystřice.



Castles, Chateaus, Municipal Conservation Districts

Jindřichův Hradec Castle and Chateau – third largest historical complex in the country, after Prague and Český Krumlov. It spans over an area of 5 hectares and has 320 rooms.
Červená Lhota – Renaissance chateau built on a rock in the middle of a lake, surrounded with an English-style park.
Landštejn – this fortress from the 1200’s, partly a ruin, is the country’s largest and best-preserved Romanesque defense complexes; the lookout tower offers a view of up to 50 km over Bohemian Canada and Austria.
Roštejn – Gothic castle from mid-14th century; rebuilt in Renaissance style; contains collections of the Highlands Museum in Jihlava (Muzeum Vysočiny)
Janštejn – ruin of a Gothic castle
Telč – this municipal conservation area is on the UNESCO Heritage List; most spectacular Zacharias of Hradec town square; formerly Gothic castle, rebuilt in Renaissance style

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